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new start   
03:17am 04/04/2002
  i'm leaving live journal for good, sorry cats. i found a different site that dones't give me the same bull shit that i've been getting here. to my friends that actually read my journal and enjoy, send me an email sometime. i always loved all of your comments. later.  
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change up   
12:44am 25/03/2002
  i've noticed that i don't like being on the computer as much anymore. heh...
well friday night was a blast. trooper, kevin and i went up to berkshire and decided to go to the hearth before the allen's one time showing of the rocky horror picture show at midnight. well troops idea was to get 2 six packs of shmirnoff ice before we go into the hearth. so all 3 of us ended up with 4 shmirnoffs and downed them in 10 minutes flat. needless to say the alcohol went straight to our brains and we were tipsey as we walked into the resturant. after about 1/2 an hour or so kevin jumps up saying he has to piss and all of a sudden he walks to the bathroom door and just pukes all over the door and the floor. i felt so bad but about 10 minutes later he comes back and he's laughing hysterically so i didn't feel so bad. so then we went and watched rocky which was definelty a blast. i was a rocky horror theater virgin and it was an awsome experience. we decided if we go again we're dressing up and i'm gonna be columbia in her pj's with the micky mouse ears. how kick ass is that. so yeah that was friday. then yesterday was just chill. i went to work and after that i came home and watched cry baby and then went to bed. and then today i worked which i wasn't supposed to but, dawn called me at 9am and asked me to work for her. so that was cool then i ended up going to kevins after work and watched army of darkness which was so dumb that i was funny. i didn't like it so much but i just think that's because i hated evil dead 2 so much. and then i picked up trooper and we went to the hearth for an hour and then came home so all is well. i finally finished the autobiography of marilyn manson so now i'm gonna start anthem so i can start naked lunch and the jesus mysteries. so i'll be a busy girl whenever there is nothing to do. i'll write more tomorrow because i have a feeling i'll have something to write about then. so till then, goodnight.
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12:36am 25/03/2002

So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

12:32am 25/03/2002

12:31am 25/03/2002

Which tarot card are you?
12:29am 25/03/2002
12:25am 25/03/2002

I am A Skid Mark .

Oh the wonders of the Skid Mark, if they aren't yucking it up with their buddies they are pulling pranks and making their presents known at all costs. Skid Marks are very charming but usually at the cost of others for their own manipulative and twisted enjoyment. Fame and fortune are what they seek, and Skid Marks will walk over anyone to get it. Skid Mark's are evil and should never be trusted...
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12:21am 25/03/2002

Which Firearm are you?
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12:19am 25/03/2002
I am bad. So bad. I absolutely hate people and animals. In fact, I probably sacrifice them. No one likes me, but of course it isn't my fault. I should just go back to New York because I am a corrupt Jesus.

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12:14am 25/03/2002
11:38am 19/03/2002

Take the High Yield Killing Method Test Now!!
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me hungry   
11:23am 19/03/2002
  well in the events of last night. work was alright, kevin was being a riot after work deana and i went to the hearth where we discovered hom much of an asshole nate amos really is and how much i would love to punch him in the face but i'll leave the first honors to deana, because, it needs to be done. on another note i think mike needs to be punched too. he christain morals shine like a lampshade. oh and russ is way to whinny and anal to be straight.
so that's it for now. i'll be on after work.
10:54pm 17/03/2002
  i'm wide awake now cause i slept all day. i had a migrane the size of canada and it was killing me, or atleast i felt that way. so now i'm awake and probably will be for the next...i dunno 10 hours.
but anyway, nothing really exciting has happened here or late, except for maybe the fact i let sarah meade shave my head last night. yup tdarks has no hair. well i have hair but it's very very very short. * i rule*

enough nonsense, i'll write more when i actually have something to say.
12:12am 15/03/2002

take the death quiz.

and go to mewing.net. laura = great.

03:13pm 14/03/2002
  i'm so bored right now. it's so nice out and all i wanna do is sit outside all day and just relax but no, i gotta be at work within the next hour. the mall sucks. never work at the mall because people are bitches and when it's nice out guess where everyone is? outside and guess where i am, inside. does that seem fair to you? i think not. but alas, i must leave computer land and venture out on my own. survival of the fittest you might say. yes, i will survive.

*note, above entry contained sarcasm and humor. no i do not speak like that 24 hours a day*
11:35am 12/03/2002
  me hungry, want food

today is peana's b-day, happy b-day!

a couple more months and it'll be mine....must go on....can't stop now. everyone forgot about my birthday last year. either that or they just bitched about it, which doesn't make sense to me. but yeah well, life goes on.

gotta get ready for work now, later cats.
my turn at the sex survey   
12:48pm 08/03/2002
  1. Original hair color: dirty blonde

2. Lotion or Vaseline: Lotion

3. Which kind of underwear do you prefer: hanes cause they are oh so comfe'

4. Do you prefer Leather or vinyl: i'm sure vinyl is nice but i'd have to go with the leather

5. Edible body paint or underwear: body paint sounds interesting

6. Whips or chains: chains, definetly chains

7. Are you an Exhibitionist: i'd like to think i am

8. Are you submissive or dominating: i bow to your every comand

9. Ever been with more then one person at a time: almost but i had to turn it down

10. Fetishes if any: necks, my neck my boyfriends neck...just necks period

11. Pleasure or Pain: both actually. i never thought i would say this but i like it rough

12. Favorite Sexual position: bottom

13. Which actor/actress/musician do you have a crush on: brandon boyd

14. Have you shared a shower/bath: when i was like 5

15. Have you ever shaved your pubic hair: yes, i hate feeling hairy

16. Waterbed or regular bed: regular bed, i'd be afraid of moving around way to much on the water bed

17. Guys or Girls: guys

18. Candle light or Moonlight: candles are definetly sexy

19. Sex on the beach or Sex in the shower: beach is kinky and nice but i hate sand so that leaves me with no other choice

20. Who is the person online that you wouldn't mind having a relationship with: hmm, i wonder...(matt if you honeslty ponder who i am going to say i'm gonna kick you)

21. What sort of food have you/would you use as a "toy": umm, i don't like to eat banana's but i always wondered how they felt

22. Have you ever fantasized about a cartoon character: oh, trent from daria, he's a hottie

23. Which do you like better foreplay or intercourse: the foreplay but the intercourse is always just as nice.
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i'm totally smitten   
12:39pm 08/03/2002
  ever meet someone that you just had the best time with? last night i hung out with greg, one of sara mead's friends...i met him before but this is the first time we hung out. and it was so ...great for a lack of a better word. i laughed my ass off the entire time and i was so chill with him. such a nice boy, lol but he also introduced me to fear factory. i know who they are and i have friends who jam to them all the time but no one ever sat and played their cd for me. oh god, they're orgasmic. i thought there was going to be a flood when the double base drums kicked in. i totally dig them.
oh and the other cool thing about greg is he has a jeep and it's like suicide getting in and out of his car. i'm so short compared to him and all his friends. i'm 5'4" but like no legs. hell sara is all legs. and imagine me, little stubster trying to climb into the jeep without bloody well killing myself. lol goodtimes

oh, and on another sidenote i decided i'm ignoring drama. i had enough of it yesterday, i was in such a great mood but then everybody and their brother were coming into the store wanting to talk to me because they're having drama and they want someone to listen to them because NOBODY else will and i'm starting to feel like i'm being totally put in the middle of all of this and i just want to collapse onto the floor in exhaustion. can't i just have one good day, where i can be content for 24 hours? i think i had a good day once....i can't remember.

but yeah, that's all i have to say about that. so goodbye to you.
12:29pm 08/03/2002
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01:07am 07/03/2002
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